After cycling through the coldest winter in Georgia for 25 years, I headed, now alone, for Yerevan. I planned to stay for about 3 days. I ended up living there for 9 months.

Skating in Tbilisi 1Jumber LezhavaEchmiadzin, Armenia 4Winter in Yerevan 3Accordion Player in YerevanKaskad, YerevanMy Flat in Yerevan 7Visit to Geghard, Armenia 5Shepherds at Mt Ara, Armenia 3DSC_0043DSC_0129Stone Skimming, Lake Sevan, ArmeniaMe and Tenny On the Road, ArmeniaThe BikesOur Host at Work, IranRelieving the Monotony, IranHotel Masshad, Tabriz, IranHaft-e-Tir (7th Tir) Metro Station, Tehran

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