Tents, Why They Suck, And Some (Better) Alternatives For Camping On Tour

The tent is one of the mainstays of adventure bicycle travel. It was the revolutionary idea of taking my own accommodation with me that largely fuelled my decision to travel under my own steam on two wheels. A good tent will provide shelter in a broad variety of climates and…

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Iranian & Central Asian Visas for Cycle Tourists Riding East

One of the things I get emailed about most frequently is how to get Iranian and Central Asian visas. Bicycle adventurers heading east, no matter how spontaneous, inevitably have to think further ahead once Istanbul looms near. Many touring cyclists have published strings of elaborate blog posts detailing their torment at the hands…

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Why It’s Friendliness, Not Defensiveness, That’ll Keep You Safe On The Road

If there’s one question that I can guarantee will come up in a post-film Q&A, it’s the one about safety. “Didn’t you ever feel threatened by people?”, someone will ask me of my 32-country bike trip. “What was the most dangerous situation you had to deal with?”

How I Got A Free Touring Bike (Almost) Plus Gear & Luggage

Lack of cash is a common reason to delay, duck out of, or otherwise procrastinate on committing to a big bike tour. But being on a tight budget is a ‘poor’ excuse indeed. No pun intended. Rather than fill a thousand words with rhetoric, however, perhaps it’d be more useful…

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