A Rather Open Update-Rant on the Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Janapar

No, I’m not selling anything. I know almost everyone who reads this blog has seen Janapar now. I’d just like to share a selection of the more interesting, challenging and downright bizarre things that have happened since we released the film one year ago. The first thing that happened, at 9am…

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Behind The Scenes: A Day In The Life Of An Adventure Filmmaker

As all adventurers know, it’s crucial to get a long day’s travelling off to the best possible start. Which is why, whenever circumstances allow, I begin my day with a ubiquitous Full English: Now, while I’d prefer to cycle to every film screening I attend, I all-too-often find myself on…

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Highly Embarrassing Outtakes/Bloopers From Janapar [VIDEO]

If you’ve enjoyed the Janapar deleted scenes series I’ve been running over the last couple of weeks (here’s the first one, in which I faceplant into some concrete), I’ve got a little bonus for you — a comedy “outtakes reel” of the most embarassing footage I wish I’d never given to…

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From The Cutting Room Floor #4: Cycling from Aswan, Egypt, to Wadi Halfa, Sudan [VIDEO]

This scene recounts all the chaos of a classic experience which all who head down Africa’s east route will negotiate: the weekly ferry crossing of Lake Nasser, from Aswan (of Dam fame) in the south of Egypt to the tiny port of Wadi Halfa in northern Sudan.