Armenia and Global Issues

Last night I revisited the venue in Yerevan where Andy and I gave a presentation back in February. Common Ground is the project of a local NGO to provide an open forum for interested people from all backgrounds to discuss today’s issues and attend presentations in English. The organiser, an…

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All Change

It’s spring again (in Armenia, at least — still snowing in England, I’ve heard)! The last of the ice melted away a couple of weeks ago, and all over the country grass and leaves are emerging from flower‐beds and trees. Winter is finally behind me. Sitting in my standard‐issue former‐Soviet‐Union…

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MSR Dragonfly Multi‐Fuel Stove — Owner Review

It was somewhere in rural France that I first put the MSR Dragonfly multi‐fuel stove to the test. I soaked the wick with fuel and set a match to it — whereupon a huge fireball erupted into my face. I resolved to read the manual before trying a second time.