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Looking back, we English chaps have a colourful history of exploration — epic journeys into the unknown, breaking new ground, new methods, new records. One of the current generation following in the footsteps of Livingstone, Shackleton, Fiennes et al is a young Yorkshire lad called Alastair Humphreys, who I first heard about when I was preparing for this trip back in 2006. Alastair spent over four years travelling by bicycle, racking up a massive 46,000 total miles, or over 10,000 miles a year, making my current total of 5000 miles in one year look a little puny in comparison. (OK, so I have had nearly six months off!)

Europe & The Near East 2007

Happy Birthday Ride Earth

I really should write something. It’s been weeks. Yesterday was a complete non-event. I spoke to Andy on the ‘phone and we wished each other a happy one year Ride Earth anniversary, whatever that means. That’s right – at 12:30pm one year ago on the 17th of June 2007, I was riding away from my home and into the unpredictable world, eager to sample all it could offer!