The Caucasus & Iran 2008

Bingo. Persistence Pays

At lunchtime today I skipped merrily forth from the steel-fenced compound housing the Iranian Embassy here in Yerevan. After pausing briefly in the middle of the road in order to frolic, I galavanted with glee and chortled with mirth as I biked my jolly way home, carrying in my sweaty palm a passport containing a visa to visit Iran.

I’m going to Iran… after all the waiting, red tape, payments and delays, it’s finally going to happen!

Europe & The Near East 2007

A Quick Look Back At The First Year Abroad

One year ago, I pedalled away from my front door on a bicycle, with the vague intention of cycling round the world.

As it happened, the bicycle itself proved quickly to be the least important part of my new way of living. It was simply a vehicle which connected me in an incredibly intimate way with the people and places I encountered. It was these encounters that have defined my life ever since the day I left, not the physical act of pedalling.