What Happened When I Tried To Organise A Bike Ride In Yerevan

Hello dear readers. I’m in a particularly frustrated mood this evening. I’ve had a great day climbing one of Yerevan’s nearby mountains, trudging through snow all day and having a lovely  picnic on the summit. When I returned home, I read a particularly aggravating email, and so I wanted to…

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How To Wild Camp Anywhere And Not Get Busted

It’s that time again – another ‘how-to’ sharing the essential tools of the adventure cycle-touring trade. This time I’m going to deal with what is often a stressful thought for every rider: “Where the hell I am going to sleep tonight?!?”

Now And Next For A Long-Term Bicycle Adventurer

Recently I’ve been sharing what I’ve learnt over the last couple of years of adventuring. As a result, the blog’s readership has never been higher, and it’s great to know that people are finding it useful and entertaining – it motivates me to keep writing. But if you’ve been a…

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An Original Idea For Your Christmas List

It’s not long until the festive season, with all the left-over turkey, expanding waist-lines, New Year’s Day river and lake swims, and endless lists of resolutions to look forward to. So I’ve just published a photography calendar for 2010. (Last year I didn’t manage this until February, so this year…

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