Moving Forward From Vanilla Cycle Touring

Five years ago, I invented cycle‐touring. After rejecting backpacking out‐of‐hand as a fulfilling post‐university form of escapism, I eventually hit upon the idea to ride a bicycle — a bicycle! — from England, all the way to Croatia. The loose motivation for this was to visit a friend, but having…

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Extrawheel Voyager Single‐wheel Bike Trailer Review

Extrawheel’s original Classic model, with its cargo nets and canoeists’ drybags, is no longer in production. Why? Because Extrawheel, after a lot of prototype‐testing and feedback by myself and other intrepid riders, have hit upon something that’s even simpler, lighter and more practical: the Voyager. The Voyager was launched last…

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Risk and Uncertainty in Life and Travel

Andy has written an excellent and thought‐provoking article on the value of risk‐taking. He’s returned to live in the UK now and it’s interesting to see how he is applying the lessons learnt from travel to a post‐Ride‐Earth life: Often there seems to be a lot of emphasis put on…

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Four Spectacular Moments From Mongolia

These composite shots are from moments during my time in Mongolia when I made a special effort to capture the essence of the landscape and the atmosphere. You can be the judge of how successful I was!

The Long Road Back To Yerevan

Coming home meant two things: a very long journey by public transport, and lugging an unwieldy collection of funny‐shaped bags and bits of metal through a variety of cities in the summer heat. Choosing to travel exclusively by land meant that the excursion was really much more than just a…

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