Europe From A New Perspective

I think having my wife alongside me for this, the final leg of my three-year bike journey through three continents and down one aisle, is going to be a really good thing.

My Ten Most Interesting Photos on Flickr

Flickr is a fantastic photo archiving solution, especially for the traveller. But the real benefit of Flickr is the community that’s shaped the network over the years since it was launched. Now, a whole Flickr culture exists, with thriving sub-communities for any subject you might imagine. Participation is encouraged, and…

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My First Panorama — Lake Khovsgol, Mongolia

I’ve been experimenting again… But the small version doesn’t do it justice. Have a look at a slightly bigger size.

5 Top Reads From Last Year

I’ve been reading through some of the older posts I made while on the road in the Middle East and Africa. Let’s face it, they’re far more interesting than the practical advice I’ve been trying to dish out recently — you can’t beat a bit of vicarious adventure! And this…

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How To Get Sponsorship For Your Cycle Tour

When planning an extended cycle tour, many people go in search of corporate sponsorship. Some come back empty-handed. Some are successful. But let’s be realistic: In the world of expeditions and corporate sponsorship, bike trips are small fry. Having said that, if I want to (and only if), I can…

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