The End Of The Road Is Coming

It’s coming. The end of the road. One more border, one more ferry crossing. And it will be finished. I’m incredibly excited on one hand; terrified on the other. What will it mean? What happens next? Is it really the end of anything? Easy to philosophise away, this kind of…

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Video: Mountain-Biking Mongolia In 6 Minutes

We’re really happy to be able to show off some of the video material we’ve been shooting during Ride Earth. Here’s a six-minute blast through Mongolia, kindly put together by our friends at Kona Bikes, also available in high-definition. There’s more on the way, so stay tuned! [vimeo][/vimeo] What did…

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Homeward Bound — Skipping Through Italy

I’d worked hard to fund the ride home. Never before while on the road had I felt sufficiently flush as to splash out on a fresh delicious pizza, or a mouth-wateringly flavoursome ice-cream, or a expertly-prepared cappucino on an almost-daily basis!

Thoughts From The Far End Of Europe (Part 2)

I wrote Part 1 of this article about three years ago. I’d just crossed the south-eastern border of Bulgaria. Landscape and society was shaded with new colours, and the whole panorama of history looked increasingly unfamiliar: Byzantines and Arabs battled in place of Normans and Anglo-Saxons; exotic Assyrians ousted the…

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