Video: 3½ Years Into 3 Minutes

A super-short blast through my time away from the UK, from bolshy beginnings in 2007 to humble homecomings a few weeks ago. [vimeo][/vimeo]   Look out for more video coming very soon. Merry Christmas!

Catching Up With Dan Martin

When Dan says the water’s cold, you don’t argue with him. Nor when he tells you to wear two swimming caps on top of each other. I’d never done any wild swimming worth mentioning, so when I turned up at Dan’s regular river swimming haunt one December lunchtime and discovered…

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How I’m Navigating In The World Of Work

Having taken plenty of advice from friends, family and fellow long-term travellers to take it easy upon returning home, the elements of domestic life on this small island seem to be gradually clicking into place.

Emergency Gift: Ride Earth 2011 Photo Calendars

It’s that time of year again — just when you decided (again) that you’d never think of anything original to give to your gran/mum/boyfriend/postman this Christmas and were about to go out and buy brandy/chocolates/aftershave/12 red roses, here I am with a truly beautiful, original, and practical gift — a…

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How To Keep An Irish Cyclist Happy At Christmas Time

As any cycle-tourist will tell you, feeding a cycle tourist is no easy task. The demands of a stomach that processes a minimum of 5,000 calories per day must not be underestimated — indeed, such needs can often be a source of great embarassment for the hungry cyclist when invited…

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