Packing for Norway

I don’t think I titled my previous announcement post very well, as lots of people are wondering why I keep tweeting about Norway. Well, in a few days’ time I’ll be in Oslo, preparing to leave the city for a month of ice-biking in rural Scandinavia.

Video: Mongolia By Mountain Bike – Final Part

This is the last part of my series of videos from mountain-biking in Mongolia last year (start with Part One if you just found this). In this episode we find ourselves spending several days pushing our bikes down a deserted valley in search of a town whose name we are…

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10 Tips For Planning Your First Off-Road Bicycle Expedition

By the time I’d cycled from England to Africa, I’d got thousands of miles of cycle-touring experience behind me. But I quickly discovered that riding off-road was a whole different ball-game to the smooth, well-maintained asphalt of Europe I’d grown used to. Nevertheless, my ongoing travels through Africa were a…

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Video: Mongolia By Mountain Bike – Part Three

This is Part Three of my series of videos from cycling in Mongolia last year (here’s Part One if you missed it). In this episode we travel along the banks of Lake Khovsgol, which on a heavily loaded bicycle is a bit more difficult than it might sound. We meet…

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Video: Mongolia By Mountain Bike – Part Two

This is Part Two of my mountain-bike adventure video series from Mongolia (here’s Part One by the way). In this episode, we’re searching desperately for something more interesting than riding across the endless steppe. I unfortunately get ill and we have to lay up for a couple of days in…

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