Middle East & Africa 2009 Photography

Stunning, Stormy Jordan

I got stoned in Jordan. I also got tomatoed, window-framed, slapped and sworn at. When you’re alone, language-less, and unable to understand why you’re on the receiving end of several daily doses of hurtful xenophobia, it’s pretty tough on morale.

First wild camp in northern Jordan

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Use Your Bank-Holiday Weekend To Enter A Microadventure Competition

Since returning to the UK I’ve been dabbling with the ‘microadventure’ phenomenon, which I see as a fantastic way to get my outdoor and adventure kicks in between planning bigger future projects (of which more news very soon!).

Sleeping under the Saharan stars

Middle East & Africa 2009 Photography

Look at Syria

Apparently some bad stuff has happened in Syria recently. I hope that those I met and who helped me so memorably on my ride through the country are doing O.K. — but then they’re the probably the lucky ones, living in the rural regions rather than the political hot-spots.

The Syrian-Turkish border

Philosophy Of Travel

The Rise Of Anti-Social Networking

On the train to London the other day I picked up a dog-eared copy of Metro, the city’s finest free newspaper. Buried on page 24, opposite an article about a new Harry Potter theme-park, was this little piece:

Facebook 'is causing crisis of loneliness'

‘Facebook is causing a “crisis of loneliness“ ‘, read the headline.

Middle East & Africa 2009 Photography

The Ravaged, War-torn, Peaceful, Gentle & Stunningly Hospitable Country of Sudan

In my last post I asked what readers wanted to see more of. At the top of the list was more photographs.

An excellent choice, as I’ve recently been reviewing my raw images from the road. And no other month in my life was more eye-opening than the one I spent trundling through the sun-baked deserts, Nile-side hamlets and roasting savannahs of Sudan, from Egypt in the north to Ethiopia in the south-east.

Unfinished road in the Nubian desert, Sudan