Make This Blog Better — Tell Me What You Want

Over the years, my blog has attracted a reasonable following. So the premise of this post is simple. If you’re a regular visitor, tell me, in the comments section, what kind of thing you’d like to see more of (or less of). Some common themes appear in this poll.

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If you don’t have time to comment, please at least vote for your preferred kind of content. I’d really appreciate it.


Microadventure: Hiking, Hitching & Packrafting The Highlands (Part 2)

Early one morning, in the far corner of a wheatfield just outside Laggan, two gaudily-dressed hikers might have been spotted unpacking the contents of their backpacks.

A passing dog-walker or cyclist might well have wondered why, before shrugging and continuing on their way. But closer inspection would have revealed the strewn contents taking the form of little rubber boats. Ten minutes later, the hikers would seamlessly have transmogrified into paddlers, before skipping the fence with their pop-up watercraft, making a lurching entry into the swift-flowing River Spey, and vanishing off downstream.

Books The Book

Writer’s Blog: On Adventure Travel Literature

Why write a book anyway? There seems to be a welter of expedition and adventure literature hitting the shelves at the moment, along with a growing surge in high-profile expeditioning.