Make This Blog Better — Tell Me What You Want

Over the years, my blog has attracted a reasonable following. So the premise of this post is simple. If you’re a regular visitor, tell me, in the comments section, what kind of thing you’d like to see more of (or less of). Some common themes appear in this poll. [polldaddy…

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Microadventure: Hiking, Hitching & Packrafting The Highlands (Part 2)

Early one morning, in the far corner of a wheatfield just outside Laggan, two gaudily‐dressed hikers might have been spotted unpacking the contents of their backpacks. A passing dog‐walker or cyclist might well have wondered why, before shrugging and continuing on their way. But closer inspection would have revealed the strewn…

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Writer’s Blog: On Adventure Travel Literature

Why write a book anyway? There seems to be a welter of expedition and adventure literature hitting the shelves at the moment, along with a growing surge in high‐profile expeditioning.