Howies Microadventure Competition — The Winning Videos

Just got a note through to say that this video I made (with some of Andy’s camerawork) has been selected by Howies as one of the four winners of their micro-adventure competition! Yay! [vimeo][/vimeo] What does this mean?

Five Reasons To Go Cycle Touring In Armenia

Cycling in Armenia isn’t on many people’s to-do lists. All the better, then, for those who turn up in this tiny Caucasian nation. And since more and more low-budget European carriers have opened routes to the region, travel costs from Europe have plummeted. Dreaming of returning and carrying out a proper adventure in…

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5 Reasons To Go Winter Cycle Touring (& 5 Reasons Not To)

Cycling Scandinavia in the winter of 2011 was an intensely memorable experience, ticking all the right boxes at that time in my adventure cycling journey. Here are five reasons I’d urge other adventurous riders to give it a shot: Challenge Winter cycle touring throws a lot of new considerations into…

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Bicycle Traveller Magazine Just Launched (From A Nepalese Hotel Room!)

It was half a year ago that fellow bicycle adventurers Paul and Grace emailed me from South-East Asia to ask me to write a piece for their upcoming international bicycle touring magazine, the snappily-titled ‘Bicycle Traveler’. After six months in the making, and featuring pieces from the now-legendary Peter Gostelow, the…

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Review: Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro Studded Winter Touring Tyres

At the end of January 2011 I took myself and my bicycle to Oslo, Norway. My plan was to ride 1,600km north through Eastern Norway and Swedish Lapland before popping out of the mountains at Bødo in Arctic Norway. This is a review of how my Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro…

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