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5 Of The Best World Cycling Videos, And An Interview With The Curator

Blanche, the Dutch founder of the World Cycle Videos group on the video sharing website Vimeo, contacted me to see if I’d showcase some of the group’s videos.

I was skeptical. Cycle touring videos tend to appeal to the enthusiast, and vary wildly in quality. Most are quite boring (including plenty of my own), unless you already know the riders, or are researching that particular region. But there’s a huge breadth of material in Blanche’s group. More than a thousand videos have been posted to date, from practically every nation on Earth.


This is a fantastic, classic video from Tibet. You can’t argue with 242 likes and 65 comments.

The Film

Film Blog: “So When Can We See It?”

The answer, I’m afraid, is “not quite yet”!

I owe you a better explanation, though. Previous videos I’ve made have been quite simple — go adventuring, collect the footage, edit, edit some more, and upload to Vimeo. That’s how the Lapland, Mongolia and recent micro-adventure videos worked.

The storm threatens

Janapar is a bit different.

The Film

Film Blog: Janapar’s First Private Screening

Late on Saturday afternoon, James and I walked gingerly onstage in the Royal Geographical Society’s Ondaatje Theatre. Around 200 people sat in the audience — a handful of family, friends, fellow adventurers and cyclists, and a large proportion of the delegates from the RGS’ “Explore” annual seminar.

I thanked those in attendance for coming. I made a little joke. People laughed. This itself was reassuring: I utterly hate public speaking. James introduced himself as the producer-director, introduced the film, and we made our escape before outstaying our welcome. Then the film began.

Philosophy Of Travel The Book

Is This What They Mean By Writer’s Block?

I’m ashamed to say that I’m supposed to be writing my book right now. Or rather, editing it and rewriting as necessary. Having found the perfect location to work on the project, and having spent the last two days reading through the 87,000 words I put to rest back in the summer, I am intimidated by the prospect of digging back into the words. So this blog post is emerging as a vocalisation of that concern.

Philosophy Of Travel

Why Am I Not A Superstar DJ?

I’m going to let you in on a little nugget of personal history. About ten years ago, I was on track to becoming a superstar DJ.

At this point you may rightly be wondering what relevance this could possibly have to my adventure-cycling blog. (Some of you might also be wondering why I became an adventure cyclist if I could have become a superstar DJ instead!)

Bear with me; there is a point.