The Film

First London Screening Of ‘Janapar’ Coming In June

I wrote recently about my developing plans for Janapar, and I know that there are lots of people who’ve been waiting to see it. So I’m really chuffed to announce a free ‘movie night’ next month, especially for my blog readers, on a late-June weekend in a central London venue.

'Janapar' Private Screening at the Royal Geographical Society, London

U.S. West Coast 2012

Riding In The Rain — A Springtime Journey Through The Pacific North West

I did no prior research about this trip prior to my arrival in Vancouver just over a month ago. Although it goes directly against the principles of the Information Age, I much prefer letting the process of travel bring some small element of knowledge and understanding to a more or less blank slate, rather than just Googling everything in advance.

Columbia River, Washington

But this is America, for gawd’s sake. How could I fail to have a generous handful of precopceptions? I grew up in Britain, a nation that founded the New World and continues to feed on its culture and ideology today.

The funny thing about preconceptions is that they are often not particularly strongly held, so you aren’t even aware that you have them. Then only become visible when you suddenly realise that something has surprised you — something that you did not expect to be a surprise, because you’d just assumed all along that it was self-evident.