Writer’s Blog: If You Were A Fly On The Wall

If you were a fly on the wall, you’d be forgiven for thinking me insane. There are three empty bedrooms in the house, but every night I lay down to sleep in the back garden. There are two good showers here, too, but I hang a bag of water up…

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Schwalbe Marathon Supreme Touring Tyre Review

Full disclosure: Schwalbe gave me a pair of Marathon Supremes for my 2012 U.S. West Coast trip, asking for feedback and an honest write-up of the tyre in return. From the ashes of the much loved Schwalbe Marathon XR expedition tyre arose a phoenix. Or, more correctly, a number of…

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About The Major Change Of Plan This Summer

For some months I’ve been hinting at another major journey I was planning for later this year. I haven’t cancelled the trip, but I have put it on hold for a while. I’ll explain why, as the reasons deserve some discussion.

Cycle Tour Sponsorship: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Imagine the following entirely hypothetical situation. Several months into your journey, you are still glowing with what you see as a victory over the whole of capitalism — when something goes wrong. A piece of equipment isn’t doing its job properly, and you need one particular sponsor’s help to replace…

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Kona Sutra 2013 Touring Bike: First Look

Kona have just announced their bike line-up for the 2013 season. While I don’t usually post on product launches, Kona have supported my adventures for half a decade, and last week they reminded me why I’m glad to be working with them (aside from getting to ride their bikes for…

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