Why I’m Looking Forward To Tomorrow (And Why I’m Scared Shitless)

Tomorrow morning at 9am, I’ll press a button and launch Janapar to the world. I do not expect a historical upheaval of society to take place when I do. Nevertheless, the moment will have enormous personal significance:

Calling All Adventure-Loving Clubs & Societies From Gibraltar To The Urals

With six days left to go, the Kickstarter campaign is going from strength to strength. After the stressful two-year process of creating the book and the film, flying by the seat of our pants throughout, James and I are now in the slightly more comfortable position of being able stop…

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Janapar’s Release Date (And How To Jump The Queue)

Yesterday morning I sat down in front of my laptop and went on an adventure. I went first to Turkey via the whole of Europe, across which I hitch-hiked in a couple of seconds. Just as well, really, that I could barely recall the terrifying ride with an Azeri in…

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UPDATE: Kickstarter Target Reached! [Safe-For-Work Video Version]

[vimeo 52935602 w=770&h=433]

The Best Cycle-Tour Planning Weekend In Existence Is 11 Days Off

Is it really that time again? Really?