Long-Term Review: Therm-A-Rest NeoAir XLite Ultralight Camping Mat

A detailed write-up of this impressively light, compact and comfortable camping mat, used on multiple expeditions since 2012. Links to best deals included.

On the hidden benefits of being poor

So I recently expended my entire life savings on writing a book and making a film, which was exactly what I wanted to do and why my life savings existed. As a result, however, I find myself in the not unfamiliar situation of needing to stop arsing around and make…

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Folding Touring: A Review Of The Tern Link P24h

A long-term test and write-up of the Link P24h folding touring bike from Tern, its fully-loaded and long distance performance, its portability in the real world, plus the best online deals.

The Hero Myth Versus Everyman: The Two Faces Of Adventure Storytelling

Tales of adventure tend to fall into one of two camps. The first is about the adventurer who sets out to overcome an impossible challenge. Setting forth from familiar surrounds, he (it’s almost always ‘he’) regales us with impressive-sounding escapades that take place in worlds of decreasing familiarity, undergoing transformation after transformation…

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Inspiring, Informing & Connecting Overland Adventure Travellers: HUBB UK

I don’t normally dedicate entire blog posts to a single event, but this is one that deserves special attention. Because there aren’t many events in the UK calendar that deal specifically with the planning of long overland adventures. HUBB UK, however, is one of them. Spawned from the hugely popular…

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