Why It’s Friendliness, Not Defensiveness, That’ll Keep You Safe On The Road

If there’s one question that I can guarantee will come up in a post‐film Q&A, it’s the one about safety. “Didn’t you ever feel threatened by people?”, someone will ask me of my 32‐country bike trip. “What was the most dangerous situation you had to deal with?”

How This 2‐Minute Clip Won The ACA’s Bicycle Travel Video Contest

This year I was asked to be a judge for the Adventure Cycling Association of America’s first Bicycle Travel Video Contest. Like many of the other judges (whose number included Dom, Alastair, Friedel & Andrew, Russ & Laura, Michelle, and Ryan), I watched a lot of videos that were kind…

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How I Got A Touring Bike, Gear & Luggage For The Price Of A Round Of Drinks

Lack of cash is a common reason to delay, duck out of, or otherwise procrastinate on committing to a big bike tour. But being on a tight budget is a ‘poor’ excuse indeed. No pun intended. Rather than fill a thousand words with rhetoric, though, I decided to prove it’s…

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