On Adventure Storytelling (and more) with Travis Sherry of the ExtraPackOfPeanuts.com Podcast

A little something for your listening pleasure this Thursday evening, now the nights are drawing in and those epic evening bike rides aren’t quite so tempting. (I apologise awfully, as always, to any alienated anti-autumnal Antipodeans. And also to any alliteration-averse Aussies.) But enough with the terrifyingly bad wordplay.

Cycling East with Alex Gandy: At the foot of the Pamir Highway

Today’s article comes from Alex Gandy, who just six months ago began cycling east (hence the title of his blog) from Istanbul. Half a year after taking the plunge, he’d like to share a few lessons from the open road, direct to you from a smoky internet cafe in downtown Dushanbe… Compressing life…

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Why I got a 9‑to‑5 job after attending the World Domination Summit

I did not escape the rat race. I didn’t even make it to the start. The odds had been stacked against me since birth. Always the outsider at school. Rubbish at teamwork as a student. Ditched by my cycling partner a few months into a round-the-world bicycle trip (which incidentally…

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Farsi Friday Week 26: Halfway to Persian fluency? (نیمه راه به تسلط به فارسی؟)

The video above was filmed on the 1st of July this year; six months to the day after I made a New Year’s Resolution to become fluent in Farsi in a year. این فیلم اول ژوئیه ساخته شد، دقیقاً شش ماه بعد از اینکه قول دادم در مدت یک سال فارسی…

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