“Did you ever think that this would become your life?”

I received an email the other day from another long-term traveller about a project I’m currently working on. At the end of the email was the following: “P.S. When you set out on that first trip, did you ever think that this would become your life?” A damn good question…

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2013: Retrospection & Prioritisation

Tenny and I saw in the New Year 12 months ago with a schoolteacher and a lawyer from London. Said professional couple are now taking a couple of days’ rest in the delightful seaside town of Batumi, Georgia, having quit their jobs and cycled the entire width of Europe and…

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The Deeply Misunderstood Nature Of On-The-Road Hospitality

During a recent post-film Q&A, someone stood up and said: “You said you received a lot of hospitality wherever you went, and that people were always happy to give you food and shelter, even those with very little to give.” So far so good. “But didn’t you feel like you…

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5 Keys To Relationship Preservation As A Couple On A Cycle Tour

Today’s guest post is from Simon Thompson, who I nagged to share his experiences of travelling with a significant other. He’s generously entertained my whim and turned in an extremely useful rundown of survival tips for intrepid couples. Take it away, Simon! Prior to our ‘big trip’, my girlfriend Ruth…

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How To Create A Gorgeous Travel Photobook That Engages & Inspires

Step 1: Do Something Inspirational I don’t mean inspirational for anyone else; I mean for yourself. Creative juices run swiftest when you’re truly inspired. Seek out what moves you most and allow the process to take you places you didn’t know existed, literally and figuratively.