Adventure In Progress: A Quick Update From Iran

There’s a good reason for this blog having been quiet for a few weeks: I’ve been on a deliberately low-tech adventure in the Middle East since early February.

While Leon and I still have another couple of weeks on the road to look forward to, I wanted to share a few moments of this journey so far as a taste of the stories to come (and there will be many!).

This journey was never envisaged to be a bicycle trip (though it would become one for a while).

Instead, we would begin on foot at the headwaters of Iran’s longest river, over 3,000 metres above sea level…

…and follow it to the Persian Gulf…

…by any (human powered) means available.

We would carry packrafts…

…and paddle as and when we were able to do so…

…which was certainly not all of the time.

The river journey was merely an excuse for exploring the diverse geography and culture of a misunderstood nation…

…and while we were kitted out for self-sufficiency…

…Iranian hospitality rendered much of our camping gear redundant.

A series of dam construction projects soon forced us to travel the roads in the vicinity of the river…

…where we eventually elected for a more appropriate means of transport…

…and enjoyed the benefits of a ‘downhill’ expedition all the more as a result.

The river widens as it approaches the Gulf…

…to where our journey will continue on foot.

Here’s to the final leg!

6 Responses to “Adventure In Progress: A Quick Update From Iran”

  1. Alastair Humphreys

    This is shaping up to be a brilliant trip.

  2. Oliver

    Impressive variety of terrain Tom! Ranging from rocks over water and roads to rugs. 😉
    Enjoy the final leg and may the reward increase with every single step…

  3. Gary Middleton

    I’m really looking forward to reading the full story of this trip.

  4. Laura

    You found water! Looking forward to hearing about this adventure so much guys

  5. robin foundher

    bravo and blessings! I’ve been enjoying reading about your journey and wondered why there were no weekly updates for a bit. Glad to read you are safe!

  6. امین

    چون میدونم فارسی بلدین و خانومتون ایرانیه فارسی مینویسوم
    لطفا لینک دانلود تریلر برای من ایمیل کنید.
    خیلی دوست دارم فیلم ببینم اما ما از ایران نمیتونیم پرداخت کنیم.


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