This is a night of adventure your community won’t forget.


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You’ve seen the adventure slideshows and heard the motivational talks.

Janapar is something else altogether.


Here’s how you can bring this one-off experience to your community.


Tom Allen & James Newton’s Janapar has wowed audiences in 34 cities (and counting) across the UK and abroad.

Janapar has made Official Selection and won awards at 14 international film festivals, including Europe’s biggest independent film festival Raindance, the UK’s premier adventure event Kendal Mountain Festival, the world’s longest-running mountain film competition Trento Mountain Film Festival in Italy, and the USA’s prestigious Adventure Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado.

But it’s the dozens of grass-roots screenings, organised by local community members and with Tom in attendance, that have really been making a splash. Read on to learn how to bring Janapar to your community

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We want you.

When people rally together around something they’re passionate about — love, travel, adventure — great things happen. That’s why all of our past events have been community-initiated, whether by venue owners, community leaders, clubs and groups, or super-keen individuals with lots of local connections.

We bring the entertainment, inspiration and adventure; you bring a place and the people to make it happen.

Janapar at HUBB UK 2013


This isn’t just for cyclists and travellers.

One of the few ‘adventure’ documentaries to break onto the mainstream film festival circuit, what sets Janapar apart is the warts ‘n all human story behind the age-old tales of endurance and adventure in foreign lands.

So your granny will ‘get’ it as much as the cyclist or traveller will.

So prepare to put all of your friends, family and colleagues at the top of the guest list, not just the lycra-clad ones.

…such a entertaining and engaging film! Our Q&A screening and book signing was a big success, drawing in many people from outside our society. Having Tom there at the screening made the event even more personal, and the audience really responded to him and his incredible story…
Lauren Tomney, Edinburgh University Film Society

Janapar at Velocult, Portland


These events aren’t just film screenings.

Each event is an intimate audience with the film’s protagonist, Tom Allen, who spent 4 years filming the epic journey now woven into a feature-length film by professional BBC director James Newton.

You see, there’s a chance that watching the most personal moments of a bicycle journey across 32 countries — complete with true love story — could feel a little voyeuristic.

But when you bring Tom into the picture, you have a recipe for a unique and unforgettable evening. The ground-breaking film itself. Then a no-holds-barred conversation between your audience and the subject of the film. And finally, an opportunity for everyone to hang out and share this memorable story together.

…a rip-roaring success! We were full to capacity with tickets selling out well before the event… the Q&A section at the end was particularly interesting and Tom answered the questions in a really friendly and non condescending way, even though I’m sure he has answered all the same questions for the last few years…
Andrew Straw, Saddle Skedaddle / The Cycle Hub, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Janapar Book Launch 8


You can do it anywhere.

Your local independent cinema, theatre or performance space is the ideal venue in which to host our events. But all is not lost if you don’t have access to such facilities — as our previous events have proven.

No venue is too obscure. Bike shops, community centres, school halls and even libraries have all played host to the Janapar experience.

Whatever the venue available to you, we’ll make this thing happen — just as we already have done in dozens of venues across the country.

Janapar at Cycle To The Cinema in Sheffield


We’ll work with you to make things happen.

We’re making it as easy as possible to host a Janapar event with us. Here’s how it works:

We’ll bring…

  • Bags of enthusiasm!
  • Janapar (in any format)
  • Tom (on his bike)
  • Pre-designed print resources
  • Publicity through social media

You’ll bring…

  • More bags of enthusiasm!
  • Travellers, cyclists, and everyone else
  • Local venue access
  • Local media contacts
  • Your own publicity networks
And whatever your own ambition for the event — publicity for your organisation, fundraising for a cause, turning a profit, or just for the hell of it — we’ll make sure the financial model works for all of us.


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Oh yes — the result of all this…

Janapar audience in Balerno
Janapar audience at HUBB UK 2013
Janapar audience in Winchcombe
Janapar audience in Newcastle

…everyone’s happy!


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Questions & Concerns

How will I get people to come?

Use text and images from the publicity pack we’ll send you to create an Eventbrite or BrownPaperTickets page to gather guests. Email the link to everyone in your contact list. Create an open Facebook event and invite everyone. Ask local cycling/outdoor/film groups to blog or tweet the link. Post it to the Couchsurfing group for your area. Send individual messages to local Warmshowers hosts. Put posters in funky coffee shops, bike shops and outdoor retailers. Put stacks of flyers at your venue. Call your local cycling club and offer their members a discount. Call the local newspaper and get it in the event listings.

Heck, that’s quite a lot of people…

How do I know your film’s not crap?

Get in touch if you’re serious about getting involved and we’ll send you a special link to watch the full film online. (You must promise not to disappear off on a massive bike trip after doing so.) You can also read direct audience feedback here.

What about costs?

Our primary aim for each event is to bring adventure to everyone. Our secondary aim is to make sure that we can do so sustainably.

The specific circumstances of each event dictate how this works. We’ve made this work in cafés and in cinemas; for 30 people and for 300 people; at events both free and ticketed. We’re aiming to cover our costs, make sure you cover yours, and take something home so we can keep doing what we’re doing.

Whether you’re looking to turn a profit or just break even, we’ve made this work before and we’ll do it again. So the best thing you can do is get in touch and let us know what you’re thinking, and we’ll take it from there.

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By the way… this will be awesome.