Understanding Touring Bikes For Epic Expeditions

Looking for a comprehensive buyer’s guide to choosing a touring bike for the trip of a lifetime?

Understanding Touring Bikes For Epic Expeditions
is here to guide you through this critical purchase.

You’re dreaming of an adventure that goes beyond familiar notions of cycle touring. It’s a round-the-world detour. A trans-continental expedition. An open-ended bicycle-mounted wander.

It’s a trip you’re going to quit your job and sell your house for, because if you don’t do it now, you’ll regret it forever.

So you’ve been doing your research, looking through the touring bikes on offer – and coming away confused as to what actually constitutes an appropriate bicycle for the demanding task ahead.

This 72-page digital guide is designed to educate and reassure you that you’ve made the right decision before you hand over cash.

Updated in 2017, the second edition of this guide combines the experience and advice of 50+ long-distance bicycle travellers, with a writing style aimed squarely at the newcomer to the world of bicycle travel who may not know all the bicycle industry jargon.

Read the guide and you’ll learn:

  • exactly what distinguishes a bicycle built for expedition-level touring from regular bikes,
  • how specialist manufacturers choose between the component options on offer – from gearing options to type of wheels brakes, handlebars, racks and accessories,
  • the so-called ‘upgrades’ you can really do without to stay within your budget, and
  • the various ways to actually get your hands on the perfect expedition touring bike for you, given that you probably won’t find it on display at your local bike shop.

Finally, you’ll be introduced to a comprehensive range of bikes available in this small but slowly emerging market – from distinguished bikes with decades of adventures behind them to some of the more promising newcomers to the scene.

You’ll finish up with:

  • an understanding of the priorities for a bike built for true long-term touring,
  • a clear vision of what the best expedition touring bike for you should look like and cost,
  • if you’re considering building a bike yourself, a detailed understanding of the most important component choices you’ll need to make,
  • and a list of locally-available expedition touring bikes that you can look up and test-ride.


About The Author

Understanding Touring Bikes has been written and compiled by veteran long-distance bicycle traveller and writer Tom Allen.

tom-allen-profile-popupA Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and an advisor to the Ted Simon Foundation, Tom is also an award-winning adventure filmmaker, releasing the feature-length documentary film Janapar in 2012 to universal acclaim.

After years of evangelising bicycle travel through his long-running blog, TomsBikeTrip.com, Tom decided to tackle head-on the specific question of touring bike choice for unusually long and demanding expedition-style tours, a topic on which it was easy to have an opinion without any practical experience.

Understanding Touring Bikes, Tom’s third book, is the result. It contains every scrap of knowledge he has learnt about expedition touring bikes through 20,000+ kilometres of touring in 40 countries.


Reader Feedback

“Congratulations on a brilliant, no nonsense, practical guide. I found it to be very informative and helpful, explaining points I had not considered or previously understood, for example the bearings in headsets. Your guide will be the backbone that I will use when building my own bike or asking a master framebuilder to build me a frameset.”
Christine Homer

Understanding Touring Bikes For Epic Expeditions

Understanding Touring Bikes For Epic Expeditions
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