Short Films

I’ve made a handful of short films over the years — some good; some not so good. Here are the best of the bunch.

Letter From Lapland

An very short film aiming to convey the experience of cycle touring in deep winter in the Scandinavian Arctic. This came 2nd in the WorldNomads Travel Video Scholarship competition in 2012.

Total Running Time: 2 minutes approx.

Zone One Microadventure

This piece was made in order to prove that you don’t need to leave central London to have a proper adventure in the great outdoors. It won the Howies Microadventure Video competition in 2012.

Total Running Time: 10 minutes approx.

Mongolia Off-Road

A four-part series of shorts telling a good old adventure travel story. Two mates, two mountain bikes, and the whole of Outer Mongolia to explore.

Total Running Time: 40 minutes approx.

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