Hello and welcome. I’m Tom from England and this is my personal adventure blog.

As you may have guessed from the name of the site, I do quite a bit of adventure cycling. I’ve travelled by bicycle in more than 30 countries, and I usually have plans to visit more.

Why? Short answer: Adventures are out there to be had regardless of our circumstances, our experience, or our level of fitness. They could take place in our own neighbourhood, or on the other side of the planet. An adventure doesn’t have to break records: The universal goal is to discover the unusual and fascinating, to challenge what we think we know, and in doing so to discover a little more about ourselves, as individuals and as part of a species.

My goal with this site is to share inspiring projects through writing, photography and video, which are my creative outlets for keeping myself inspired. I’ll share adventures as they unfold, and meanwhile write on a wider range of adventure- and media-related topics. 

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