The Guide To Adventure Cycle Touring (Cover)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What formats do the bonus ebooks come in?

Each ebook has been formatted as a PDF, an EPUB, and a MOBI file, which between them cover the full range of reading scenarios. The downloadable ZIP file contains all three formats for each book.

Which format is best for me?

  • PDF is usually best for laptops, tablets, and other devices with large colour displays. (It also looks the prettiest.)
  • MOBI is usually best for Kindle ebook readers.
  • EPUB is usually best for other brands of ebook reader, as well as some reading apps.

How do I get the ebooks onto my Kindle?

Click here for instructions on getting the ebooks onto your Kindle. For other ebook readers, probably best to Google it. I can’t realistically offer technical support for specific devices or apps – sorry!

Help! Something’s wrong!

OK. Get in touch and I’ll do all I can to help.