The Best Cycle-Tour Planning Weekend In Existence Is 11 Days Off

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Is it really that time again?


RGS Explore 2009

Yes — it was a year ago that the Janapar was first seen by a cold audience at the Royal Geographical Society’s ‘Explore’ weekend.

Explore is the premier expedition-planning event in the UK, and the biggest in the society’s calendar that dedicates itself unashamedly to the ‘adventurous’ side of geography — the planning and undertaking of expeditions, or journeys with a purpose (let’s call them ‘field trips’ for the sake of the RGS’s roots).

While HUBB UK looks set to break this pattern in 2013, Explore remains the only UK event in which you can get access to some of the most experienced bicycle adventurers in the country who aren’t actually out on the road right now.

If you’re planning a big expedition on two wheels, you really should come down to London for the weekend of the 16th-18th November and check it out.

Quite what we’re going to do without Al Humphreys I’m not really sure…