Farsi Friday Week 2: Some Language Learning Techniques They Don’t Teach At School

Since last week I’ve been having a daily dialogue session with Tenny, and at the same time figuring out a learning system to suit me. I know from previous attempts to learn languages that my biggest stumbling block when I arrive in Iran will be vocabulary, so I’ve decided to…

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Farsi Friday Week 1: Why Persian? And Where To Begin?

There are a few reasons I’ve chosen Persian (also known as Farsi / فارسی) as my focus for 2013, and as the first foreign language that I have ever committed to learning ‘properly’.

My 2013 New Year’s Resolution, or قصد سال جدید من

I, Thomas Richard Allen, hereby pledge to become fluent in Persian by the end of 2013 by means of total immersion in the language.