New Travel & Adventure Books For June 2014

This week sees the publication of two new books that I’ve been eagerly anticipating for several months. Both are written by accomplished and experienced writers who I highly respect; both sit within the category of adventure; yet these two books could barely be more different in theme and content. Life Cycles by…

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6 Books That Inspired All These Adventures To Begin

Adventuring never came naturally to me. When I was younger, to say that I was untalented at sports would be a kind understatement. I never went camping because of the one time my parents tried it and it rained. I wasn’t allowed to join the Scouts because of paedophiles. As…

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Walking Home From Mongolia by Rob Lilwall [Book Review]

Rob Lilwall’s second book, Walking Home From Mongolia, is a strange yet compelling beast. It is, on the face of it, a linear account of an extremely long and admittedly monotonous walk across the full breadth of mainland China. Rob positions the story deliberately as a sequel to his Cycling…

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5 Top Reads From Last Year

I’ve been reading through some of the older posts I made while on the road in the Middle East and Africa. Let’s face it, they’re far more interesting than the practical advice I’ve been trying to dish out recently — you can’t beat a bit of vicarious adventure! And this…

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The Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook

One of the most valuable resources I had when preparing to make the leap and begin cycle touring was the Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook*. In fact, I’d say that it’s responsible for my ideas becoming anything more than just ideas.