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5 Of The Best World Cycling Videos, And An Interview With The Curator

Blanche, the Dutch founder of the World Cycle Videos group on the video sharing website Vimeo, contacted me to see if I’d showcase some of the group’s videos.

I was skeptical. Cycle touring videos tend to appeal to the enthusiast, and vary wildly in quality. Most are quite boring (including plenty of my own), unless you already know the riders, or are researching that particular region. But there’s a huge breadth of material in Blanche’s group. More than a thousand videos have been posted to date, from practically every nation on Earth.


This is a fantastic, classic video from Tibet. You can’t argue with 242 likes and 65 comments.

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Who Is Jumber Lezhava? (And Why Should You Care?)

He’s sitting behind a paper-strewn desk in a unlit office with faded pastel-green walls, surrounded on all sides by boxes and files which obscure the room’s sparse furnishings. A woman in full-length furs is comfortably installed behind a flickering computer screen, clicking noisily away while talking on the ‘phone.

The stocky, white-haired lecturer rises to greet us and smiles calmly, an unassuming dignity and openness about him. This diminuitive, friendly-faced Georgian in a woolly jumper carries a glint in his eyes which speaks of experience beyond the limits of communication.

Jumber Lezhava looks nothing like the bristling superhuman I’d assumed he’d be.

“If I go more… er… seven countries,” says Jumber, matter-of-factly, “all world finished.” 

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This Is What Travel Filmmaking Is Supposed To Look Like

My brother, who emigrated to Canada a few years back, has just introduced me to a Canadian TV series called Departures. Three old university friends, three round-the-world tickets and a video camera. If only anything I’d filmed on the road resembled the visual beauty of this. (The episodes themselves are even more stunning!)

[youtube width=“720” height=“405”][/youtube]

Check out the show’s website. It’s such a shame that the series hasn’t yet made it to the UK.

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How This Bizarre Video Came First At An Adventure Film Festival

A few weeks back there was a light-hearted event in London called The Adventurists Film Festival — in their own words, “fighting to make the world less boring”. The overall winner of the open competition came from a bunch of misfits known as the Vagabondz, who drove a clapped-out old van from England to Georgia. I challenge you to watch this 20-minute film in full:


Why did this film win? 

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An Excellent New Resource For Cycling The U.S. West Coast And Central America

If you’re planning a ride from Alaska to Panama, or anywhere in between, you could do a lot worse than to check out John Benson’s website,

John has just wrapped up a ten-month odyssey from Prudhoe Bay to the Panama Canal, passing through Canada, the western States, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica on the way. I’ve just put the finishing touches to this redesign of his travel blog.

John Benson Travels

John has approached the documenting of his trip in a completely different way to how I’ve always approached it. While I was banging on endlessly about my personal experiences and thoughts, he’s created a selfless goldmine of information for anyone else planning such a trip. Terrain, costs, distances, accommodation — it’s all there, wrapped around a detailed account of the journey itself and thousands of pictures. His story has got me dreaming again…

Check the site out at