During 2009 I cycled solo from Turkey to Iran. To make things interesting, I decided to take the scenic route — via Djibouti…

Arabic coffeeSunset in the Syrian desertPalmyra citadelNot a sign your mother wants to seeShobak Castle, JordanShobak Castle ruinsThrough the mountains to DahabTwo nomads on a cycling adventure (Explored)Camping in the Sinai DesertIslamic Cairo from the CitadelRain over CairoSunset over the Nile valley in EgyptEgpytian traffic policeMaking Wooden Crates 4Sugar cane fields in EgyptCamping on the banks of the NileDawn aboad the ferry to Wadi HalfaSunset in the Nubian desertShade, water, blissColourful bicycleHeadnetEarly arrival in a Nubian villageNubian wheat harvestLocal farmers harvesting wheat to make bread in SudanNubian elderFour Nubian brothers and an infantA game of football in the desertBedding down in the SaharaChildren observe my steed atop a huge valleyClouds over the Yemeni mountainsThe Coffee Ceremony in Gondar, EthiopiaA hotel in Gashena, EthiopiaUSAID dumbells in EthiopiaRoasting coffee beans in EthiopiaOffshore fishermen in AdenA Yemeni teenager leaps into the seaThe journey of a hermit crabSunset through beach hut window, Bir Ali, YemenEpic gorges in Jebel AkhdarIndian car mechanic in OmanHeat-induced nosebleedSandal on the roadsideOn the road in OmanDubai public beachThe world's tallest building (as of June 09)

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