Tom’s Bike Trips

My first bicycle adventure was in the Scottish Highlands with two mates. We hadn’t a clue what we were doing. It was miserable, exhausting and brilliant. 

Since then I’ve racked up quite a list of trips, including:

Bikepacking Armenia (2019)

In September 2019 I led a group of riders the length of Armenia to test a newly designed off-road route across the country. Check out the photo gallery or read about the bike I built for this ride.

Bikepacking Southern Iran (2016/2017)

A much-needed solo blast from Shiraz south through the Zagros Mountains, winding up at the ancient port city of Bandar Abbas and having a thorough clear-out of my head while doing so. Read the full diatribe.

The Length Of England Without Any Money (2014)

Is it possible to live and travel without any money whatsoever? Three weeks and 700 miles from Land’s End to Edinburgh says yes. Start here.

The River Karun from Source to Sea (2014)

In the spring of this year, Leon McCarron and I attempted to follow Iran’s longest river from one end to the other by any means, resulting in a challenging, eye-opening journey. Photo essays here.

U.S. West Coast (2012)

My brother and I spent two months riding from Vancouver to San Francisco via British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California. Read the live blog from the start.

Norway & Sweden In Winter (2011)

I spent February 2011 riding 1,600km through Norway and Sweden, from Oslo to the Arctic Circle and beyond. Taking on a solo bike trip in an extreme climate – with temperatures down to ‑33°C – proved to be a fascinating, challenging and fulfilling experience. Read more…

Across Outer Mongolia (2010)

A two-man journey across the sparsely-inhabited steppe and mountains of central and northern Mongolia. Wild, epic spaces and cross-country, off-road navigation characterised the riding — a truly spectacular place to cycle. Read more…

The Middle East & North East Africa (2009)

During 2009 I cycled solo from Turkey to Iran. To make things interesting, I decided to take the scenic route – via Djibouti. Read more…

The Caucasus & Iran (2008)

After cycling through the coldest winter in Georgia for 25 years, I headed, now alone, for Yerevan. I planned to stay for about 3 days. I ended up living there for 9 months before cycling to Iran. Read more…

Europe & The Near East (2007)

The first long-term journey I’d done. Starting out from my back door, two friends and I set our bearings for the Orient. Read more…

The Scottish Highlands Off-Road (2006)

This short, painful trip is to blame for everything. Read more…