Guest post pitch coming my way? Please don’t bother. Because I don’t accept unsolicited guest posts. From anyone. At all. Ever. There, I just saved both of us a few minutes. You’re welcome.

Regretfully I do not have the personal resources to answer individual questions about cycle touring or trip planning by email. But if there’s an article you’d like to see published on a specific topic, please feel free to request it using the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me plan my bike trip?

Sure. Sell everything. Quit your job. Get a bike. Ride. Need more help? Check out the advice section. It contains over 400,000 words of information. That’s almost as much as all six Lord Of The Rings books combined.

Should I buy Bike A or Bike B?

Have you test-ridden either of them? No? Go and do that. Test-ride some other bikes too. Then choose the one that feels right.

I’ve ordered something and it hasn’t turned up. Help!

Please visit the support page for the product you ordered and get in touch using the specific email address or contact form provided. I don’t always deal personally with support requests and may not be able to help directly.

Can you help me with a specific route question?

Almost definitely not, unless you know for 100% certainty that I’ve been there recently. The best sources of up to date info for questions about specific routes are the Thorn Tree, Crazy Guy On A Bike, and the Bicycle Touring Facebook group.

How can I get a visa for Iran?

You’ll need to ask a visa agent, not the spouse of an Iranian citizen who doesn’t need a visa – sorry!

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Can you review a product I’m involved with?

When it comes to gear, I’m interested in what small-scale, independent, ethically-minded folk are doing. So if your operation fits that description, feel free to get in touch.

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