I run this website in order to spread the good word about adventure bicycle touring, and I’m always interested to hear from readers. But I receive a lot of very similar questions. My answers to the most frequently asked of all are on this page.

While I’d love to help each and every person individually, the reality is that my time is limited, and so I would encourage you to exercise consideration and check carefully that your question has not been answered before writing in.

If your question isn’t answered there or on the advice page, fire away!

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me plan my bike trip?

Sure. Sell everything. Quit your job. Get a bike. Ride.

Think it’s more complicated? Check out the Advice & Planning pages.

Can you help me get sponsorship/money for my trip?


Work, save, sell everything on eBay. And when you leave, don’t spend anything.


Served your apprenticeship? Got a proven track record?

There are two ways to get sponsorship: prove yourself first by doing something impressive without it, or turn your trip into something you probably never wanted it to become. Very few bike tours need sponsorship. You can earn more cash for less effort. (More articles on sponsorship here.)

I’m a PR. Can I propose something that falls under “content marketing”?

No — sorry. I don’t run adverts. I’m more interested in working closely with companies to improve their products and spread the word by actually using them in the field. (If that’s you, though, do get in touch!)

I’m an aspiring writer. Can I submit a guest post?

Maybe. What are you qualified to write about with authority? (Hint: if you’ve no cycle touring experience, please go and get some first!)

Can I interview you?

Sure. Café trumps email. Get in touch!

If you want to use my Flickr photos for non-commercial purposes, it’s probably OK — just contact me first, please.