About That Time I Went On Iranian TV

Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while will know that my mission for 2013 was to learn Farsi (Persian) in a year.

This was put to the test on my recent journey to Iran, in which I spent six weeks attempting to follow the country’s longest river from source to sea. (Photo essays here.)

It was also put to the test last week, when Tenny and I were interviewed about Janapar on the Iranian TV channel Manoto, broadcast from London and now one of the most watched channels in Iran.

If you’re remotely interested in watching some of the interview — in which I back and forth between English and Farsi as my ability in the language allows — do check out the following video. Our interview starts at roughly 33 minutes 50 seconds in.

Any Iranians watching? How’s my Farsi? فارسیم چطره؟

11 Responses to “About That Time I Went On Iranian TV”

  1. poya

    Dear Tom
    Thank you for your coming to manoto TV
    I enjoyed your interview and your farsi is perfect.
    Can I ask you please show me how can I buy both your film and book.
    Best wishes for you and your lovely wife.

  2. Shayan

    Hi dear,
    It’s kind of embarrassing that we cannot buy your doc or book from Iran,
    please show us a way.
    Tom,I sent you a message on facebook,I’ll be happy if you answer that,
    Love you and …
    Love your pretty dream love
    Thank you so much

  3. Mahdi

    Dear Tom,
    Your Farsi is very nice.I was impressed.
    I wish you the best things.

  4. Issa

    عالی بود
    You still need a little practice though.
    You say “shish” instead of “shesh”. This is so cool.


  5. رویا

    عالی بود آفرین . چقدر هم انرژیت مثبته امیدوارم موفق باشی

  6. avisa

    your farsi is great .
    as a foreigner person you can speak to this language.
    persian is one of the most difficult language in all of the world .

  7. Fatemeh

    آفرين ! همين كه سعى مى كردى فأرسى حرف بزنى خودش خيلى خوبه، حتماً در آينده اى نزديك بهتر و بهتر صحبت مى كنى 🙂
    در ضمن من ويديوى شما رو ديدم و بى نهايت لذت بردم منتظر قسمت هاى بعدى هستيم ؛)

  8. Zeinab

    My thoughts on the interview…
    1. Extremely annoying interviewer (the lady)
    2. Cute couple
    3. Can’t judge your Farsi based on that cuz the interviewer kept asking you questions in English and you replied in English most of the time.
    4. Thumbs up for all the efforts to learn a language as hard as Farsi
    5. The interviewer should be sacked

  9. niloufar

    my name is niloufar and I’m from Iran and I love to go around the world I’m just 14years old can you help?when can I start it?

  10. Richard

    I enjoyed seeing you speaking farsi on this programme. I agree that the female interviewer had too much to say! I’m sure you both came over really well, not that I’m biased! x

  11. Sima

    من از دوستان بن هستم. بن همیشه از تو و همسرت تعریف میکرد و گفت که
    .فارسی بلد هستی و لینکت رو بهم معرفی کرد
    موفق باشید


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