Cycling the Scandinavian Arctic in Winter: Facts & Figures

Statistics are not something I particularly care for when it comes to adventures or expeditions. But they can be fun, and are undoubtedly useful when planning such trips.

Here, then, is a light-hearted list of facts and figures from my journey though northern Scandinavia in the winter of 2010/2011:

  • Trip duration: 27 days (3rd February 2011 to 1st March 2011)
  • Starting point: Oslo, Norway (59°56’N 10°45’E)
  • Finishing point: Bodø, Norway (67°18’N 14°33’E)
  • Distance cycled: ~1,600km
  • Longest day: ~110km
  • Shortest day: ~40km
  • Average daily distance: ~70km
  • Rest days: 4
  • Daylight hours at start: 8 hours 9 minutes
  • Daylight hours at finish: 9 hours 49 minutes
  • Highest temperature: +4°C, 1st March, Bodø
  • Lowest temperature: ‑33°C, 13th February, Os I Østerdalen
  • Highest elevation: 849m
  • Most successive nights under canvas: 4
  • Most successive nights indoors: 4
  • Number of spontaneous overnight invitations: 3
  • Number of couches surfed: 6
  • Number of falls: 1
  • Number of tyre spikes lost: 1
  • Number of snow stakes donated by strangers: 6
  • Strangest gift: Dried moose meat
  • Best gift from a single person: 2 giant cheesy pizzas, 2 cans of tuna, 2 bananas, 2 cups of coffee, a cup of tea, a thermos full of tea and 3 hours of warmth and conversation
  • Latest time still riding: 11:30pm
  • Earliest morning: 6:00am
  • Best meal: 2 pork chops, ½kg of chips and red peppercorn cream sauce
  • Worst meal: 20 boiled fish-fingers
  • Number of people met who didn’t speak English: 2
  • Fjords gaped at: 1
  • Northern Lights seen: 0
  • Reindeer followed: 2
  • Mooses encountered: 2
  • Wolf tracks noticed: 1
  • Worst moment: jacket’s zip slider snapping in half
  • Most hideous road: Rv80 into Bodø
  • Snow-mobiles listened to: hundreds
  • Most useless item: tent pegs
  • Most impressive piece of equipment: Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro tyres
  • Most disappointing piece of equipment: Baffin Mountain boots
  • Blog posts written: 25
  • Photos taken: 769
  • Number of frostbite occurences: 0
  • Packets of noodles packed: 20
  • Packets of noodles eaten: 14
  • Favourite roadside snack: Swedish-style pizza
  • Biggest food-related mistake: thinking 1kg of cheese wouldn’t freeze solid
  • Most pleasant surprise: didn’t die

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