Everything you'll need to know about choosing gear for cycle touring in a single resource

If you missed it back in February, you’ll be pleased to know that this is the week of the big, noisy, public launch for my latest eBook, Essential Gear for Adventure Cycle Touring.

Combining the hard-earned wisdom of more than 50 experienced long-haul cyclists into a single 250-page volume, reading Essential Gear will take a lot of the pain out of getting kitted out for a ride of any length, location or budget – particularly if (like most of us) you’re not really a ‘gear head’.

I’m confident that Essential Gear will impart you with a broader range of distilled wisdom about gear choice for a cycle tour than any other resource available, taking you a giant step closer to getting on your bike and hitting the road.

Check it out right here →

Even if this isn’t for you, you can still participate by helping it reach as many future bicycle adventurers as possible!

Simply share the project’s website, GearForCycleTouring.com, on your social network of choice. It only takes a minute, and will benefit the project no end.

If you’re more interested in watching tales from the road unfold, there’s something new brewing on that front too (and yes, it has to do with my recently completed trip in the fascinating nation of Iran). Watch this space…

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