27 Incredibly Useful Free Apps For Cycle Touring & Bikepacking In 2019

While I firmly believe that your first bicycle adventure should be free from modern electronic devices, there are plenty of cycle tourists and bikepackers who pack a smartphone or tablet alongside their tent, stove and toolkit, and for good reason: they can come in bloody useful. Smartphone technology moving as…

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Is Komoot The Most Powerful Route Planning App A Cycle Tourist Could Wish For?

Full disclosure: Komoot was mentioned repeatedly in response to my 2018 round-up of apps for cycle touring. I got in touch with the team and they offered to make a modest contribution to my ride around Armenia in return for a detailed report on my experiences. Here it is. Lots…

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Stop Bleeding Away Your Travel Money Via Overseas Card Transaction Fees (UK Only)

Fee-free UK current accounts for overseas spending are hard to come by. Enter Starling Bank, a mobile-only ‘challenger’ bank offering its customers zero-fee withdrawals and purchases in any currency anywhere in the world.

8 Handy Bits Of Software For Travellers & Adventurers

If you’ve ignored all my advice to go on low-tech adventures and are packing a laptop and mobile net connection alongside your merino-wool boxer shorts and solar panels, you might find these bits of software make your precious time at the battery-powered screen a bit easier, safer and more productive.…

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How To Use A GPS Unit On A Cycle Tour

As with many of the technology and equipment articles I write, this one opens with a question: Do you really need to use GPS on your tour? Will a GPS unit help you significantly to achieve your goals? Or will it serve as a distraction from the experience? Could you…

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