A quick update on Janapar, the book

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At 2am this morning I completed my last run-through of the edited manuscript, which I received on Friday night, and — all being well in the proofread — it is the last time that the text will change for this first paperback and hardback edition of Janapar that Kickstarter has made possible!

At the beginning of the project, I posted my draft version of the opening chapter, so I thought that now would be a good time to share the edited version of the same chapter.

Download and read the PDF

This is not quite how the text will appear in the finished book. This particular file is formatted for a page-setter to work with, and adheres to current British typographical standards for manuscripts (12pt Times New Roman, double-spaced, en-dashes, single quotes for speech).

You’ll notice that it also contains various typesetting symbols in square brackets, such as [#], which as readers we don’t ever see. Working with a professional team has given me a very interesting insight into the world of book production and its conventions.

Next up — the interior design, and then the proofread; the last chance to catch those pesky typos…

Do let me know what you think of Chapter One!

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2 responses to “A quick update on Janapar, the book”

  1. Well done Tom, hope its as good as the film 🙂 Have a great year. Nick

    1. The pressure’s on for it to live up to all the hype I have inadvertently created! 😮

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