An Original Idea For Your Christmas List

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It’s not long until the festive season, with all the left-over turkey, expanding waist-lines, New Year’s Day river and lake swims, and endless lists of resolutions to look forward to.

So I’ve just published a photography calendar for 2010. (Last year I didn’t manage this until February, so this year I’m getting organised early!)

I’ve done this primarily so I can send my distant family something personalised and practical for Christmas! But it’s also (hopefully) going to be one of many ways in which I’m scraping together a few pennies for next year’s bicycle expedition across Central Asia and into China and the Far East.

The full-colour glossy A3 calendar features 12 of the most popular photos on my Flickr page. They were taken during the last year of bicycle touring in the Middle East and North Africa. I hope that the calendar will serve as good inspiration for your next trip, as well as helping you to keep your life organised!

You can have the calendar delivered to addresses in Europe, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong or South Africa.

Preview the whole calendar on RedBubble, and, if you like it, why not order a copy or two to give away as Christmas presents?

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3 responses to “An Original Idea For Your Christmas List”

  1. Liz Allen avatar

    Have you ordered yours yet? I’ve ordered three up to now! 

  2. thanks for the kick up the arse to get mine done before xmas! 

    1. Just checked them out — great themes and images. Good idea to create more than one. Might pinch that if you don’t mind! 

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