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Arctic Cycle Video Goes To The Festival

The short movie from my winter cycling trip in Sweden and Norway was selected for presentation at the ‘One Shot’ International Short Film Festival in Yerevan, Armenia. In the unlikely event that you’re in Yerevan on Saturday, do pop down to the ACCEA at 15:00 to watch it on the big screen. The festival opens today and will run until the 24th of May.

Judging by Vimeo’s ‘likes’ and ‘plays’ statistics, lots of people seem to have enjoyed this video, although a few sharp-eyed viewers noticed the missing stamp! Whoops!

If you didn’t see the 90-second film the first time around, here it is again:


Read more about this little adventure. If you liked the video, you might also like the short films from Mongolia last year…

One reply on “Arctic Cycle Video Goes To The Festival”

Don’t know how I missed the video. Very fun to watch after having read your blog posts throughout your trip. How you get a good rating in the competition.

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