Bicycle Traveller Magazine Just Launched (From A Nepalese Hotel Room!)

It was half a year ago that fellow bicycle adventurers Paul and Grace emailed me from South-East Asia to ask me to write a piece for their upcoming international bicycle touring magazine, the snappily-titled ‘Bicycle Traveler’.

Into the mist

After six months in the making, and featuring pieces from the now-legendary Peter Gostelow, the ever-productive Travelling Two and the aptly-named Cycling Gypsies,  their first edition has been launched from Paul and Grace’s current location in the Himalayan foothills, and the feedback so far has been very positive. It’s part-entertaining, part-informative, and required reading for anyone planning a cycle tour (or nursing their withdrawal symptoms at home (yes, I’m talking about myself there)).

Head over to the magazine’s website to download your free copy. It’s reminded me that I need to set aside some quality trip-planning time…

3 replies on “Bicycle Traveller Magazine Just Launched (From A Nepalese Hotel Room!)”

In the not-too-distant future! But please allow me to continue dropping tantalising hints for a little while longer…

Just downloaded the magazine and took a quick look. First impression, excellent layout, photos and interesting content. Will now go back and read through the various articles.

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