Bikepacking Southern Iran: The Journey In Pictures

I very much hope you’ve enjoyed the last couple of weeks of daily blogs from the road! While I wanted to keep the focus on the writing (and on stimulating your imagination!), it’s also nice to look at a few retospective visuals. This selection represents this best of this short but much-needed jaunt across southern Iran.

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12 responses to “Bikepacking Southern Iran: The Journey In Pictures”

  1. Incredible! Inspired me to go cycling this weekend for the first time in forever, will have to look into hiring a bike from Fat Lama

  2. Hi Tom, looked forward to the daily updates from this trip, especially as it’s been cold and grey in the UK.
    You’ve always been an advocate of equipment simplicity away from Europe, so you must have been fairly confident in being able to obtain cycle spares in Iran should you need them, or did you just have confidence that the Kona Sutra would keep rolling trouble free — disc brakes, 700C wheels, 27 speed etc?
    The reason I ask is that, over Christmas I have been looking for a new tourer, and the Kona was already high on my list, altho I won’t be venturing outside Europe.

    1. Hi Ray. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this blog series. To be honest, the Sutra was the only bike I had to hand, which alone qualified it as the best bike for the trip. Though not exactly optimal, I was confident in its reliability, and I knew that the worst case scenario was hitching and/or cutting the trip short, neither prospect of which bothered me that much.

  3. Tom, so I want to go to Iran bike touring. But I’m told Brits are not welcome. How do I get around this one? Without having to use my Zimbabwe passport?

    1. There’s no way round it other than to book with a government-approved guide, wait until the rules change, or try with the Zimbabwean passport – sorry!

  4. Mike Thompson avatar
    Mike Thompson

    Hallo Thomas, I like technical information, so how about a list of the equipment on the Iran trip please as I see you are travelling quite light. Did you carry enough equipment to be comfy at night for instance,
    best regards Mike.

    1. You’ll find all of this in Day Three’s post!

  5. awesome pictures Tom, really stunning trip 🙂 and a very inspiring account of the trip

  6. Charlotte avatar

    truly wonderful , from your words right through to your pictures . An inspiration you really are. Safe travels x

  7. Marianna avatar

    Inspiring! I’m also amazed how light you have travelled 🙂

  8. Absolutely stunning. I’m speechless!

  9. I see that like me, you prefer your saddle laid well back — just like life!

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