Egypt As You’ve (Probably) Never Seen Her

Now for something less cringy than a film about myself: another photo round-up from the Middle East.

While following the Nile from Cairo to Aswan on my bicycle, I was continually struck by the complete absence of other travellers. I’d always thought Egypt was supposed to be one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

Camping in the Sinai

It became quickly obvious that almost every foreign visitor to Egypt has come in order to a) gawp at ancient ruins or b) lie on a beach by the Red Sea. The remainder of this densely-populated Arab nation in the top right corner of Africa remains conspicuously disconnected from its own parallel dimension of English-speakers and overpriced street food and six-thousand-year-old pieces of rock.

Road through interior Sinai

Being on a bike, my journey through Egypt’s agricultural heartland intersected only occasionally and briefly with this apotheosis of blinkered, guidebook-led travel, which is coordinated by the country’s tourism industry and state security department with unparalleled skill.

Sinai cloudscape

Solar powered telecom tower

Sunset over the Red Sea

Photo of storm breaking over Cairo

Local tourists and Beccy


Merry Christmas in a Coptic compound

Farmlands along the Nile

Police escort members

Pumping station near Luxor

Moon over Luxor


Camels & sandals

Egyptian locals inspecting my bike

Moon and palm

Loading up the Lake Nasser ferry in Aswan

Sunset from the ferry across Lake Nasser

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5 responses to “Egypt As You’ve (Probably) Never Seen Her”

  1. Tom, these are amazing! I don’t know why you haven’t showed us these before. I’m really amped to see your film now that I’ve seen your mad camera skills. Keep it up

    1. Didn’t get round to really looking at them properly until recently! Hope the film lives up to your expectations now 🙂

  2. Another predictably brilliant set of photos. I’m enjoying these recent photo blogs, they’re making want to pull my camera out more often!

    1. Cheers for the kind words Ryan. I did a recent poll and ‘more photos’ came out on top. Keeping your camera in your barbag helps a lot! (Even if it means that snacks get relegated to the panniers…)

  3. Nice selection of photos there.

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