For One Week Only, Get The Kindle Edition Of Janapar For Just 99p

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It has been really rewarding to be able to share for free (in serialised form) the entirety of my first book, Janapar, on this blog over the last few weeks. In particular, the comments from readers who the story has resonated with have been a keen reminder of my motivations for penning this complicated tale.

Because I did not write this book in order to become rich and successful. (Trust me, there are far easier ways of doing that.)

No – I wrote it to be read and absorbed; to catalyse journeys that I don’t expect I will ever hear about. I also wrote it because I needed to make sense of my experiences. And I wrote it because it was stories that inspired me to travel in the first place, and the least I can do is throw my own tale back into the melee.

In the vein of lowering the barriers to entry, then, I’ve set up a 1‑week promotion on the UK Kindle edition of the book. This is primarily for readers who a) have recently received, from Santa, a Kindle or other such device, b) missed all or part of the serialisation, and/or c) are actively looking for things with sub-£1 pricetags in the grim aftermath of the festive season.

From now until midnight on Sunday 10th January, Janapar is just 99p on Kindle.

Get it here.

99p is the lowest I can make it without moving it over to the free library and losing all the book’s rankings in the process.

If even a quid is going to be painful to part with, the serialised form is still readable entirely for free, part by part, starting here.

And when you’re done, if I could kindly ask that you leave a short review, that would be just great. 🙂

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4 responses to “For One Week Only, Get The Kindle Edition Of Janapar For Just 99p”

  1. Brenda Cupryna avatar
    Brenda Cupryna

    Hi Tom, I have long been a reader of your blog — since you did the winter trip to the arctic circle — and although I will never do what you do, I am still out for adventure. We started cycle camping with our children back in about 1979 — you probably weren’t born then. we had a hiatus of about 20 years when we kayaked a lot in the UK and Poland. We came back to cycle camping in about 2005 and have done one long trip (for us ) each summer since with lots of little trips. This summer we may go to Holland and Belgium but rumour has it that the ferry may run again from Newcastle to Bergen and if that is so, and its not silly money — Norway may be on the cards. I also intend to do a few ” bike and OAP bus pass” rides on my Dahon folder and radical design trailer as I can take both on the bus for free. Being 65 does have some advantages. Keep on writing about your adventures please.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Brenda. It’d be great if that ferry route did open up again (with a sensibly-priced ticket for cyclists)…

  2. Nick Jankowski avatar
    Nick Jankowski

    Thanks much for making such a spectacular offer of Janapur, but there is just one problem: the Kindle version for 99 p is only available in the UK, not the rest of Europe, North America, or elsewhere.
    Can anything be done about that?

    1. I’m afraid not – Amazon’s restrictions, not mine 🙁

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