From The Cutting Room Floor #3: Life On The Road (in 01:52) [VIDEO]


The funny thing about this, the third in the series of deleted scenes (#1 and #2), is that it encapsulates better than anything else the day-to-day camaraderie that occurs between bicycle travellers and the people with whom they come into contact. Demonstrating this today is the inimitable Andy and a group of Georgian fishermen selling their wares on the roadside.

It is often said that bicycle travel is an exercise in reducing one’s material possessions to the bare essentials. I’d argue that it goes far beyond this, reducing the demands one makes of the experience of being alive, in the knowledge that these simple moments of connection will turn out to have been the most memorable and meaningful of all.

If you haven’t seen Janapar yet, why not? There are loads of public screenings coming up, many of which are completely free.

(P.S. Today I’m celebrating 30 years on the planet without dying. Hooray!)