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How To Wild Camp Anywhere & Not Get Busted [Video]

Wild camping, or stealth camping, is the default modus operandi for the cycle traveller, for two obvious reasons:

  1. It’s free. Therefore you can strike accommodation costs entirely. Which means you’ll have more money to travel for much longer.
  2. You can do it anywhere. Therefore your destination is less important. Which means you can better experience the journey itself.

Simple, really: Wild-camping equals a longer, cheaper, better journey. In this short video, we’ve taken a very tongue-in-cheek look at this crucial bastion of long-distance adventure cycling.

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7 replies on “How To Wild Camp Anywhere & Not Get Busted [Video]”

I’m homeless right now an i live in a town where not much spots to go to is there anywhere else like the side of the eway or the highway

Hey Tom!

I’ve just popped over to this page after checking out your “how to” on being safe on the road. I thought you might be interested in knowing the video shortcode of yours doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I don’t see the video — just the shortcode.

Thanks for all the advice!


Hey Tom, Great trailer. Funny, beautiful and even a bit romantic. Looking forward to seeing your film. Kim

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